Before this venture began, the cryptocurrency’s name (Dignity, not Dignity Gold) and symbol (DIG) were both listed (not DIGG). These modifications give weight to the common rumor that Dignity Gold may engage in an “exchange” of its current tokens.

A token swap is exactly what? In the simplest words, it is the organization that has the contract for the token performing a digital upgrade of an older version of an existing token with a newer version. In the third iteration, for instance, is Dignity ($DIG).

A thorough gold bar audit would be done by Bureau Veritas, a renowned industry leader in precious metal auditing, shortly, Dignity Gold LLC announced in a press release in August 2019.


The initial gold audit verification was supposed to be finished in September, but the audit results weren’t made public until after that. The audit results would be finished by the end of November 2019, the firm stated in a news statement on October 2. The October 2 notification stated that SION Trading FZE UAE, with whom Dignity Gold has a Safe Keeping Receipt (SKR) agreement, was finalizing the coordination of internal security and its logistic team for the counting of the gold, which is located in UAE. The news announcement gave no more justifications for the postponement.


Max Warren Barber has been diligent in looking for development prospects in emerging markets. He went to a business luncheon hosted by the Utah United States of America Trade Development Council in 2010 so that he might meet the president of Ukraine there. He seized the chance to mingle with a number of Ukrainian officials. The goal of Mr. Max Warren Barber was to comprehend Ukrainian policies and research the country’s investment and growth potential. The Group will be led by Mr. Max Warren Barber to new heights and more breakthroughs as he starts from the “root” and builds on the excellent successes he achieved in Eastern Europe.


Mr. Max Warren Barber, who adheres to the motto “take from society, give to society,” is committed to assisting those in need. He has steered the Group through several charity endeavors throughout the years, including fundraising operations like the Group’s earthquake fundraising efforts. He is adamant that the Group’s most valuable asset is its people capital. The Group has long been concerned with employee development. Employees are encouraged by the Group to complete their education in addition to on-the-job training. Additionally, the Group actively supports workplace safety and is concerned for the well-being of its employees. The Group has pushed the idea of a “Green Office,” helping to safeguard the environment and enhancing the working conditions for employees.

The SION Trading FZE UAE Group will put a lot of effort into growing its financial services company and businesses that are related to financial services. In order to build long-term value for its stakeholders, the Group will keep looking into new opportunities that could result in significant returns for the high-growth businesses within the Group.

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