The history of gold mining in Mexico is about 500 years old. Both silver and gold are mined here. These metals together generate 50 percent of the metal output for the country. It shows how massive the reservoirs of metals in Mexico are.

The top five gold mines located in Mexico according to Global Data’s mining database are Penasquito mine, El Limon-Guajes project, Herradura mine,  Mulatos mine, and Pinos Altos mine. The Penasquito mine, in 2020, produced nearly 526 thousand ounces of gold. In 2020, the gold mined by El Limon-Guajes Project was approximately 430.484 thousand ounces. Similarly, other mines named above produced nearly 425.288, 150.8, and 114.798 thousand ounces of gold in 2020, respectively.

Keeping in view of this fact, in Dec 2018, SION Trading FZE signed a Precious Metals Purchase Contract with Don David Gold Mexico. This contract will allow both the companies to trade in precious with each other.

What Is SION Trading FZE?

SION Trading FZE is a gold mining company of UAE origin, owned by Max Warren BarberIt is one of the world’s largest gold purchasing companies from gold miners around the world. All around the world, gold is considered an expensive metal. It is used in jewelry and in electronics. Business in mining, selling, and buying gold is one of the best ideas that SION Trading FZE has turned into reality. The company’s aim is to provide the best quality services and higher yields to companies upon the selling of precious metals. The company is already a procruiter of precious metals for Arbitrade Ltd.

Arsenic And Gold Mining

SION TRADING FZE enjoys its business in gold mining but the arsenic produced during the process is badly impacting our environment. Arsenic is an element that is present naturally in the earth’s crust. It is present in the form of arsenides, sulfosalts, and sulfides in ores. In any of the forms, when exposed to the environment, can lead to serious health issues.

As stated above, Mexico has abundant gold reservoirs due to which many foreign investors are investing in gold mines including SION Trading FZE. These foreign investments have made Mexico the fourth largest Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) landing place. This is one side of gold mining in Mexico. Do you know the other side? How is it impacting the environment of Mexico?

Environmental Impacts Of Gold Mining In Mexico

A study was published in 2018 related to the concentration of Arsenic in surface and ground waters of a former mining area in the San Antonio-El Triunfo district of Mexico. Mining activity was put to an end here after 250 years, in 1911. Still, the tailings and piles of mine waste were the cause of water contamination. The ashes and the waste produced during and after mining activities were not deposited properly. It spread in the atmosphere through winds and storms. During rainy seasons, the waste containing arsenic and other metals eroded and entered the water reservoirs of the area, resulting in the increased level of arsenic in water bodies.

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Arsenic concentration in living (biotic)  and non-living (abiotic) components of the area around the gold mine is always high. For instance, in a study, the arsenic levels in surface waters, sediment pore waters, bird liver, aquatic plants, birds’ diet, grasses, mine drainage waters, aquatic animals, etc. were measured. In all the components, the levels of Arsenic were high.

All this is due to the selfish nature of humans. Arsenic is also produced naturally but in small amounts. The over-exploration of the element (during gold mining) by humans had made it a potential toxin and an environmental pollutant.  In Mexico, gold mining has completely disturbed the balance of natural ecosystems.

Arsenic contamination of water bodies is a big problem as the entire life is dependent on water. Through water, Arsenic becomes a part of the food chain. How?

The aquatic plants take in the contaminated water. The aquatic animals then feed on those plants. The small animals are the food for other big aquatic animals. Humans use this contaminated water for drinking, cooking, and other purposes. They also feed on aquatic animals. Moreover, the soil contaminated with arsenic produces plants and grasses that have increased levels of arsenic. When the livestock grazes on such lands, the Arsenic enters their bodies too. When they are slaughtered or milk is used by humans, again the pollutant enters their bodies and the cycle continues.

Effects Of Arsenic On The People Of Mexico

Arsenic exposure leaves both acute as well as long-term effects on human health. In acute cases, Arsenic poisoning causes vomiting, stomach pain, numbness, and muscle cramping. In extreme cases, it also causes death. Its long-term effects include cancers, skin lesions, and cardiovascular diseases.

Various studies in the past had shown that Arsenic caused DNA damage in Mexicans that were more exposed to it. It affected the tumor suppressor genes as a result of which different types of cancers were diagnosed in people. When humans drink water contaminated with Arsenic, it enters the bloodstream and accumulates in body organs like the liver, kidneys, spleen, and lungs and causes toxicity. It also accumulates in nails and hairs. 

Arsenic affects children too. Studies have shown that children exposed to well-water that was contaminated with Arsenic,  had the defective cognitive ability.  Such children and miners also had increased levels of Arsenic in urine. In short, a  large population of Mexicans, especially those living in rural areas had been affected a lot by Arsenic contamination in the past years.

Future Of Gold Mining In Mexico

Gold mining in Mexico is a commercial opportunity for a lot of big birds like SION Trading FZE. For company owners like Max Warren Barber, becoming business partners with famous Mexican gold mining companies is a golden chance for a progressive and prosperous mining business. It seems that in the future, the Mexican gold mining sector will see an increase in foreign investment. But it will not come alone. It will bring along increased incidences of violence, kidnapping, harassment of mining staff, fights with the locals, and several other security issues.  Moreover, increased business operations will also raise incidents of environmental pollution at the gold mining sites.


Enterprises like SION Trading FZE are looking to invest in gold mining companies all around the world. Mexico is currently among the world’s top gold mining countries and a focus of the foreign investment. As the business operations are increasing here, so is the Arsenic contamination of the mining sites. It is leaving serious and long-term effects on the environment.

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