Arsenic contamination of the biosphere from various gold mining and refining operations jeopardizes the health and well-being of biological communities. Documents the sources and extent of arsenic discharges to the environment associated with gold mining operations; arsenic risks to human health, with emphasis on gold miners, gold refinery workers, and children residing near gold mining and refining activities; arsenic concentrations in biota and abiotic materials near gold extraction and refining facilities; lethal and sublethal effects of different chemical forms of arsenic to representative species of flora and fauna; and proposed arsenic criteria for the protection of human health and selected natural resources.


What causes the discovery of gold deposits? Gold is renowned for being inert, so there doesn’t appear to be much of a reason for it to be concentrated rather than evenly distributed across the Earth’s crust. The majority of gold deposits were formed due to the concentration of gold and arsenic, which a global team of geochemists has now explained. This may also be why arsenic poisoning has been a concern for many gold miners and other people. Following a recent publication, this work is presented at the Goldschmidt conference.


A significant percentage of gold is tied up with minerals. However, some of it is found as gold nuggets. Iron and arsenic-containing minerals like pyrite and arsenopyrite are known to be connected to gold. These minerals chemically bind this gold, making it imperceptible to the naked sight. Like a sponge, these minerals can concentrate gold up to a million times more than what is found in other parts of nature, including the hot spring waters that carry gold.


When the mineral is arsenic-enriched, gold can enter the mineral’s structural locations by chemically establishing bonds with arsenic (Au(2+) and As(1-) bonds), allowing gold to be stabilized within the mineral. On the other hand, low levels of arsenic prevent gold from entering mineral structures; instead, it merely forms flimsy gold-sulfur connections with the mineral surface.

Gold is concentrated due to arsenic. The arsenic-driven gold pump explains the massive capture and subsequent release of gold by these iron sulfides, which regulates the formation and dispersion of ore deposits. Practically speaking, this means it will be simpler to discover new sources of gold and other precious metals, which bind to iron sulfides, including arsenic.

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